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Recently received a phone call or email in regards to your backups?

If you have received an email or phone call in regards to your backup systems. We have recently found an error, failure or non existent report.

How will I know if my backups were successfully completed the next day?

If you do not receive a call the next day after your backup had an issue, they have resumed to normal activity.

Recently received a phone call or email in regards to your backups?

If you have missed a call from us, feel free to call us back at 855.324.3421 or email and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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What's the risk?

100% of all drives will fail in their lifetime. Backup systems have proven to be beneficial to companies looking to save their data in the unfortunate case of hard drive failure. Most backup systems will fail and no one will be notified to tend to the issue before its too late. The risk is extremely high if there is no consistent monitoring taking place.

How often will my backups be monitored?

Independent Backup Monitoring monitors each of your backups on a daily basis. Any additional monitoring per day can be arranged.

Are there any hidden costs or membership fees?

No! Our services is included in the price given to you at checkout. There are no membership fees or hidden cost for our services.

How do I pay for my service?

Your services can be charged automatically to your credit card or debit card through our checkout page. Payments can either be paid monthly, quarterly or yearly. Please contact or call 855.324.3421 for more information.

How will I know if a failure occured?

Independent Backup Monitoring will personally call your first person of contact to ensure any failures, warnings, or errors are resolved. If the technician sees an issue the following day the second person of contact will also be notified. Independent Backup Monitoring's main priority is to ensure all backups are working and the consumer is 100% satisfied with the service.